First Chapter Complete

First draft of the first chapter of my dissertation is now complete – one day before my deadline! The first six weeks have been taxing, mostly because my job has been laying great demands on my time. Nevertheless, I’m happy with my progress so far. The next chapter is undoubtedly going to be a lot more difficult – Habermas is not easy to read sometimes, and I need to make sure I do a great job at elucidating and analysing the one aspect of his thought. Still, he’s one of my favourite philosophers so I’m looking forward to the next six weeks. Wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “First Chapter Complete

  1. Sounds interesting. What’s the topic of your dissertation?
    I like it that you write about Habermas. He deserves more attention among philosophers, I think. I much enjoyed his metaphilosophical essay “Philosophy as Stand-In and Interpreter”.

    • Thanks, my title is roughly:

      What is Truth without Transcendence? A Transcendental Pragmatist Debate

      I totally agree with you about Habermas’ lack of exposure as a philosopher (obviously since I’ve decided to write on him!). That essay is what first properly unlocked my thinking to do with the role of philosophy in society. I read it in my final year at university and have continued to read Habermas ever since. He’s certainly not as straightforward to read as Richard Rorty, but I prefer his version of truth.

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