Another week of annual leave, another week in the library

So the plan has been approved, now I actually have to make a start on it! I have taken another week of annual leave (gotta love working in the public sector) so that I can crack on with the reading for my first chapter. I’m a bit nervous, but knowing that I have a solid plan has made things a little better… Does anyone have any tips that they are willing to share about ways they motivate themselves? Particularly if you are juggling more than one commitment!


Two month hiatus…

I’m back over two months after publishing my last post. What can I say, it’s not easy being a part-time Masters student!

In addition to posting about what I’m reading, I will be using this blog as a sort of diary. My first year as a part-time student has taught me that it can be a really lonely and sometimes isolating experience, particularly when you are on a research course. Interaction with your colleagues is limited to the two hours or so you might be in class per week – but that’s only for twenty weeks in the year! So, if there are any other part-timers who want to contribute their experiences of studying, working (and living, occasionally!) please feel free to comment on this and other diary style articles you see.