100+ Club!


Officially part of the 100+ club with over 100 posts on my blog!

Also, thank you to the 3,000+ people who have so far visited. I hope that you have found the information as useful as I have found it interesting to write.

Here’s to the final countdown, with only 14 weeks until I submit my Masters dissertation.


Turning a Corner


Happily, I seem to have turned a corner from the impasse that I had reached a couple of weeks ago. Having taken the courage to read through the four chapters I have so far written, I realised that a) it isn’t as bad as I thought and b) there is scope for the remainder to be good, given the ground work that I have laid over the past few months. With that in mind, I rather furiously typed up notes for the remaining two chapters and am hoping to meet with my supervisor by the end of the week so that I know if I am on the right track. The nature of the last two chapters will hopefully be along the lines of: if we give up on a normative concept of objective truth, how are we to justify continuing commitments to institutions like democratic governance, equal rights and solidarity not just with those in our immediate social group but beyond that, and beyond the bounds of sovereign states to encompass global considerations that will shape the future. So not too much then…

I’ve been busy today…


signs-473x473It is so difficult to arrange all of your thoughts sometimes, particularly when you haveĀ reached a junction where there appear to be multiple directions open to you. Which one to take?

I remember speaking to a friend of mine about how he proceeds when he is writing ‘academic stuff’. He said that he reads, thinks and then the words come to him so he tends to spend less time on the writing. I can only hope that the same will be true for me and that this period of apparent inactivity has actually been productive in the sense that thoughts will translate to words.

I should hopefully be meeting with my supervisor by the end of this week, so maybe then I’ll have a better sense of direction! On the other hand, I always seem to come away from those meetings with more questions than answers so perhaps wise to not hold one’s breath.

I’m back!


So I did something a little ridiculous and took a part-time job in order to, what else, earn a bit of extra cash. It wasn’t good for my sanity, or for my dissertation schedule. However, after a six week hiatus, I am officially back in Senate House Library and will hopefully be posting a few more articles based on the stuff I am reading over the coming weeks. I am very pleasantly surprised to see that my all time highest number of views has increased since last checking the site, so will take that as a sign I am doing something right and press ahead.

Thank you for bearing with me, and for reading!

Update from Control HQ


Hi everyone,

I’m sorry about the dearth of original material on the blog at the moment. I am saving it all up, rather selfishly, for my dissertation. I have now redrafted three chapters and am reworking a fourth. Then it will be on to the next part of the dissertation where I will have to prove my salt and come up with some original and exciting thinking on truth, its practical priority to theory, what a society without a concept of truth might look like and other interesting questions. So, there will be less stuff that you can use in your essays (!) but hopefully some thought provoking material drawn from other blogs, YouTube and the deep dark depths of the world wide web.

Good luck in all that you are doing,